Price list

Ordinary commission for one side 3%
The lowest commission on one side 7.500,00 kuna (1000€)
When replacing, the commission is charged on each side according to the value of the
real estate that is acquired
1-3 %
For rental / lease, the commission is charged on each contractual One monthly rental fee
Business consulting services 350 kuna/hour (50€/h)
Services for obtaining certain documents from government offices 350 kuna/hour (50€/h) + charges for fees
Examination of real estate without concluding an brokerage contract 350 kuna (50€)
Commissioned real estate examination 350 kuna (50€)

If the total commissions in the broker business during the sale is not less than 4%, the attorneys' costs of making the contract and proposing to change the land registry are borne by the broker at the attorney's office of his choice. Otherwise, these costs will be borne by one or both parties together.